Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 46- Seal Bay, Vinalhaven, ME

We had a fun day exploring the island and town of Vinalhaven. We waited for high tide and then took the dingy through the intertidal creeks toward the town of Vinalhaven on the opposite side of the island. The tide was still flowing in and caused some minor rapids and eddies. The girls and I let Pablo scout out the area before proceeding. After emphatically ensuring me that I was being paranoid, the outboard died as he was in the thick of it. He was washed down a small set of rapids and made it to a little island where he spent some time trouble shooting the outboard. Since he survived his ordeal I decided it was safe enough for the rest of us. We beached the dingy at a chapel about 2 miles outside of the town and planned to walk the rest of the way. Other cruisers told us they hitched into town, we haven't been able to get over the image of a family of four hitching to actually be able to do it. We're not far from it though... We hadn't gotten far when we were offered a ride. No less by someone who used to live in Stow, MA. People are amazingly generous as we had several offers of a lift while walking around. Given we're family of 4 and Pablo's continuing transformation to "wild man", I am surprised anyone even considered slowing down! We enjoyed a walk around Vinalhaven, had some ice cream and a swim in a quarry then heading back to the boat before the tide went out too far and left us high and dry in the creeks. The day was capped by delicious crab hors'derves (sp?) and gin and tonics.

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