Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 26-Northeast Harbor, ME

After spending a couple of wonderful days in Bucks Harbor, we left this morning in patchy fog that was supposed to clear.  Mia and Remi had play time and even a sleepover with a friend from summers past.  And we enjoyed a great dinner at Don and Polly's with the Cranmers.  And were lucky to get to use the Bishop's car to make a grocery and propane run.  It felt really nice to be back in Brooksville.  It is our favorite part of Maine from past years.
Even though the clouds never cleared as promised, we had a nice sail through Eggemoggin Reach and Casco Passage.  Passed by several places that we plan to explore further on the way back.  For example, Buckle Island seemed really cool, just as described by friends .  Our plan was to pick up a mooring in Southwest Harbor but none of the protected ones were available so we ended up in Northeast Harbor.  Had a nice stroll in town and enjoyed live music with the crew of Rigamarole from BBY in RI.

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