Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 20-Broad Cove, Islesboro, ME

Had a great day exploring yesterday.  Mia and Remi mucked around on various beaches at various tides.  We've been looking for a fish market but haven't found one so we decided to go straight to the source.  We dingied up to a lobster boat and asked if he would sell us some lobster.  He said he couldn't as he had an order to fill in a gruff voice that seemed a little forced and almost instantly softened and changed his mind for some reason.  He dropped two unbanded (no bands on the claws) lobster into our dingy and wouldn't accept any money in return.  I'm thinking the entertainment of watching us scramble to get away from lobster claws was payment enough for him.  Even though some of us were a little more freaked out by lobsters without bands than others, we hurried back to the boat and had a fantastic lobster lunch.  Pablo and I decided it was definitely lunch time even though it was only 10:30 am!  The stars have been phenomenal the past couple of nights.  We can see the Milky Way stretch across the entire sky.  It seems even more brilliant than our memories of New Mexico night skies.

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