Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 33-Bunker Cove, ME

We spent the whole day (8+ hours) on the beautiful white sand beach of Roque Island. The sand is fine grain and wonderful under our feet. There were two other boats with kids, so there was a gang of 6 playing and exploring all day. The fog was supposed to clear into a sunny day but it only lifted slightly for about ½ hour. That didn't keep the kids from swimming in the 53 degree water. Only in Maine do you need hot chocolate to warm up after a great beach day in August. We moved to Bunker Cove on the other side of the island to be in a more protected anchorage. We are debating whether to head further north east into Canada or head back to explore the Penobscot Bay more. The frequent heavy fog north of here is not fun to travel in and prevents us from seeing the coast.

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