Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 28- Somes Sound, ME

We motored up Somes Sound in Acadia yesterday. Our guide book says that "Somes Sound is one of the only fjords in the US". It is an amazing place but it seems a little bit of a stretch to call it a fjord. It is a narrow valley with beautiful mountains (Mt. Cadillac and Acadia) on either side but nothing like the photos of fjords of Norway. The girls have been swimming and catching crab. We took advantage of the free Island Express bus service and visited both Southwest Harbor and Bar Harbor today. Even with free bus service throughout the island there is A LOT of traffic, probably the most we've seen since we left Boston. There is campground in an inlet close to where we are anchored. We're tempted to go check out their showers. Guessing they wouldn't notice, can't imagine there is a problem with people dying to use campground showers. Planning to spend a couple more days here. The forecast is for 2 days of rain and fog, after which we'll head north again.

Fine dining?


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