Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 42-Bucks Harbor, ME

We are hunkered down behind Harbor Island in Bucks Harbor waiting for Hurricane Irene to pass.  One of our guide books describes Bucks Harbor as "one of the best protected and most attractive harbors in Penobscot Bay", which helps since we're here for a bit.   At this point Irene is predicted to be a tropical storm as it passes to the west of here late Sunday and early Monday.  The predictions vary from 45-60 knot winds.  Pablo spent the morning inspecting the moorings available to us and I think we've finally settled on the one we'll use for the storm.  We took the furling jib down, prepared lines and anchors just in case things are worse than predicted.  Yesterday was a beautiful day, the kids hung out with friends and swam.  Today is a little foggy and murky but brightened by the ice cream sale at Bucks Harbor Market.  I think they are concerned about a power outage.  Looking forward to continuing the trip after the storm.

Morning in Bucks Harbor

Beach day in Buck Harbor with friends

Prepping the storm anchor

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