Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 35-Northeast Harbor, ME

We spent another very peaceful night in Bunker Cove.  Bunker Cove is an idyllic small Maine cove with rugged pine trees atop rock ledges.  Almost too small for Borealis.  When hung out into the Thorofare a bit as the cove gets shallow quickly and we couldn't tuck in as far as we would have liked.  The Thorofare is mainly used by lobster boats, usually during commute times, 5am and 5pm.  We enjoyed some of the best clams I've ever had.  A fisherman offered some to us after we watched him dig them in the cove.  We accepted them only after insisting that he take payment.  They were great as steamers and fantastic in the chowder that Pablo made with them. Remi enjoyed the whole process, from inspecting, cooking to eating the clams.  We weighed anchor this morning and planned to head to another nearby cove.  As we inched out in pea soup fog and listened to the forecast of another 3 days of solid fog, we decided to start heading back south (to catch some of the areas we missed on the way up). We spent the entire day sailing in thick cold fog to Northeast Harbor. The sun came out just as we entered the harbor at dinner time.  We picked up a mooring and treated ourselves to a pizza at the Full Belly Deli.  True to its name we wobbled out with bursting bellies.  The internet connection here is painfully slow so will catch up on pictures for the last couple of posts as soon we find a solid connection.

Morning traffic in Bunker Cove

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  1. That's funny, we had lunch at the Full Belly Deli that day!