Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 21-Broad Cove, Islesboro, ME

We've been attending the events at the Seven Seas Cruising Club Gam here in Islesboro.  The kids thought the dingy raft up with 30+ dingies tied together was fun, kind of like bumper boats.  We've met many very nice, experienced cruisers willing to share advice.  A boon for newbies like us. 
While visiting Calypso, a Valiant 40, we heard the nice chime of their ships clock and realized we had a similar one and it did not chime.  When we returned to the boat, Pablo found the chime had been disabled and turned it on.  After listening for a bit we realized that the number of chimes did not correspond to the hour.  Defective clock?   After a quick internet search we learned that a ships clock chimes according to a four hour watch schedule.  Therefore 12:30pm is 1 chime, the beginning of a watch, 1pm is two chimes…. 4 pm is eight chimes (I know, something that we should have known).  The last few nights Pablo has been waking up at night every half hour wondering what the chime is.  Reminds me of Grandma Vicki and the Audubon bird clock (In her later years, Pablo’s grandmother had memory loss and asked what the bird chirping was hourly).  If he continues these senior moments we may have to disable it.
Eventhough the Gam was a great experience, there were no other cruisers with kids.  But we lucked out, just as the Gam ended we met other sailing kids!!  Yesterday we were introduced to the Gardner family as they went by on their Valiant 40, Libertas, with 2 girls aboard.  Mia and Remi made quite a ruckus as they scrambled to get on deck once a boat with kids was spotted.  Upon seeing our daughters, they anchored close by and came for a visit.  Lily, Sadie, Mia and Remi hit it off instantly.  And we were invited to breakfast at their family house on Islesboro.  We enjoyed great pancakes and wonderful company in a house with a million dollar view.  What a treat!

Pablo hoisted Mia up the mast to fix our flag halyard.  Another boat requested Mia's services afterward and Mia complied.  Mia is the perfect candidate to go up the mast since she is capable of minor mixes and doesn't weigh much.  Having hoisted Pablo up, I can attest that someone of Mia's weight is a much better choice.

The weather is foggy and rainy so we decided to stay put for another night.
The Dingy Raft up with potluck hor'duerves

Mia fixing the flag halyard


The view from the Gardner house (our mast is somewhere in the mass of boats)

Wet and rainy

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