Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 37-Frenchboro, ME

We spent the morning of Day 36 in Northeast Harbor catching up on laundry and e-mail.  It took a while to recover from the meat laden Pork Tornado pizza from the night before.  There was enough meat left over from the pizza to add to all of our omelets in morning.  And it was saltier that Pablo's chowder from the previous day in which he accidentally used sea water instead of fresh water for the broth.  We left Northeast Harbor mid day in pea soup fog again.  This time there was a lot of traffic around the entrances to the harbors in the area so it was serious work to interpret the radar, look for lobster pots and keep from getting hit by the racing fleet.  It was a treat when the sun came out in Blue Hill Bay.  We hadn't seen it for many days.  We tucked into Buckle Harbor on Swan Island for the night.  The wind blew 20+ knots all night so Pablo was up several times to check on things.  At about 4:30 am we had a little more excitement than we were looking for when realized that the anchor was dragging.  It was blowing 30 knots when we finally got the anchor set again.  It held well, as we watched vigilantly for the next 3-4 hours as the winds gusted to 40 knots.  After the winds finally subsided we were able to explore Buckle Island.  There were nice trails in mossy woods with several fairy houses.  The girls added their own and played on the beach.  After sailing for a couple of hours we decided to spend the afternoon in Frenchboro on Long Island.  Frenchboro is a small and very remote fishing community, with 12 kids in the one room school house.  The ferry from Bass Harbor only runs a few times per week and there is one mile of paved road.  The people we met were very friendly and served us the best lobster roll we have ever had.
Navigating in the fog

More fog

Laundry day
Buckle Island trails

Buckle Island

Buckle Island
Sneaking berries in Frenchboro


Little Beach, Long Island


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