Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 49- Rockland, ME

We came to Rockland two nights ago to run errrands.  We spent a entire day in town and managed to do most of the things on our list.   I still haven't gotten used to how ridicoulously long it takes to get routine stuff done. For example we had to return a package to Amazon.  This required a stop at the library first to use a public printer for the label.  Which requires signing up and then waiting in line for the next available computer.  Then we need to hunt down a box for shipping and tape to secure it.  And then finally the PO.  A few extra steps on each errand adds up.
Rockland is much quieter than a month ago.  Many boats had been hauled out at the boat yard.  Not sure if Hurricane Irene prompted an early end to the season or this is when things start winding down here anyway.
We heard rumors about free moorings in the harbor so we were motivated to track them down.  This ended up being a super sweet deal.  The moorings belong to the Samoset, an upscale resort.  Upon arrival they gave us access to their facility.  The kids were in the pool before I had set our stuff down.  The hot tub, steam room, and 10 head showers felt incredible after walking and carrying supplies all day.

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