Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 67-Fishers Island, NY

Finally underway again!  We spent a very productive week at our old home base Brewers Yacht Yard Cowesett in East Greenwich, RI.  The folks at Brewers have been very accommodating and we are thoroughly impressed with the yard staff and how the yard is run.  Pablo got the life raft remounted on our stern rail, a shelf built into the anchor locker, picked up our new downwind sail, upgraded running rigging, added more anchor rode, installed a new tachometer and added running boards with fuel jugs on deck.  We're really starting to sport the cruising boat look now.  We spent time going through our storage unit to swap gear with a finality not experienced the last time we left the unit.  We were able to spend a couple of days with family and friends.  Our timing back was perfect and we were also able to attend the MIT Lincoln Lab family day; which was very cool as it is only held every 5 years.  Unbelievable this was our 3rd of these.  Pablo went to the Newport Boat show and picked up some nifty LED bulbs.  Now we can actually use lights when we need them without constant reminders regarding how many amps we're using.  These will use about a third of what our old ones used.  I spent time taking advantage of having a car.  We got haircuts, went shopping for clothes and food that will get harder to find as we get further into the trip.  And then spent a whole day trying to find places for everything on the boat.  I went through mail for the first time in in weeks.  Other than a jury duty notice, no surprises.  Mia's Calvert homeschool package arrived.  I think it weighs more than she does!  So far I'm impressed.  The system is well organized and looks fun.
It felt really good to leave the dock this morning.  It is nice to have the boat put back together after the chaos of working on it.  We sailed out of Narragansett into Long Island Sound and anchored at Fishers Island, NY. 

Newport Bridge in moonlight while anchored in Dutch Habor

Cool clay creatures

Pablo and Remi working on the anchor locker

Making cookies with Nana

Pablo fixing the wind generator.  Note the stuff accumulating on deck.

Band Hero with the Candell family

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  1. Sorry we missed you while you were in RI! Sounds like everything is going well...Have a great journey and we'll be checking in on your travels, it's a fun read!

    lots of love,
    The Zuerner/Bishop family :))