Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 51- Boothbay, ME

We spent a great relaxing weekend with the Gardner family in Pulpit Harbor.  An unexpected pleasure of this trip has been meeting really interesting people we may have otherwise not met.  Pablo and I enjoyed getting to know the entire family and realized that we share many similar perspectives.  It was great to have the kids spend time with other kids who are comfortable on a boat.  Sure hope we'll meet up again not too far in the future.  We left Pulpit at 7am and beat our way to Boothbay.   It was a wet and bumpy run beating into the wind. We all felt a bit quesy. Could of waited a day or two for the winds to shift but felt motivated to move south.  We were happy to arrive in Boothbay, though it was a little shocking after the remote places that we been hanging out in for the past month.  Not sure if it was the cigarette boat loudly idling next to us or the ubiqoutous PA systems on tour boats and dockside restaurants that made us want to turn around and go back to the Penobscot Bay area.  Have pictures to add and additional notes to post to previous entries.  Hope to spend some time tomorrow morning catching up on it all.

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