Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 53 -The Basin, New Meadows River, ME

What a difference a day makes. The winds shifted to the north and we had a very pleasant sail down the coast yesterday. Tacking up Casco Bay through lobster pots and multiple ledges/islands made us feel like we were sailing through an obstacle course. Good practice making upwind progress. We are now anchored in "The Basin" which is off the New Meadows River in Casco Bay. The narrow inlet isolates it from the outside, so it feels like an inland lake. According to Pablo and the girls the water is warmest it has been in Maine. I may even have to try it out. Call me loony but I prefer swimming water to be at least in the 60's. Pablo rigged a rope swing out of one of the halyards. It still needs a little improvement since the landing point is a little close to the boat. We're spending a rainy morning doing school work and boat chores.

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