Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 74- Cape May, NJ

Finally starting to catch up on the blog. We left Port Washington, NY Tuesday morning and motored through the middle of New York City. New York City was almost as busy on the water as it was by land. A lot of ferries, tankers, tugs, and every kind of boat imaginable, not to mention helicopters on floating platforms. As we passed the Statue of Liberty the fog rolled in. Nothing like navigating through one of the worlds busiest harbors in thick fog to get your heart beating. I was thrilled when we were out of New York Harbor and offshore. The vastness of the Atlantic Ocean felt really nice! We sailed all night in southeast, 15 knot winds and arrived in Cape May mid day. Fairly uneventful except for running into an unidentified object. It made a lot of noise but luckily bounced off the hull. It was too dark to find it even with our powerful spotlight. Remi and Mia are convinced it was a submarine. The anchorage in Cape May is full of cruising boats heading south.

Foggy New York Harbor

Cape May anchorage

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