Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 6-Passage Bermuda to Caribbean

We're getting closer. We're seeing more and more birds. It is hot and humid. We may even be able to see the lights of one of the islands tonight. We had lighter winds overnight but managed to sail for most of the last 24 hours and now starting to feel the trades slowly fill in. It will be nice to have something other than ocean and sky to look at. Even though we've settled into the routine of the passage, which mainly involves eating, sleeping and being on watch, we're all ready for a change of pace. Sterling has been the ultimate crew. He is always ready to help, usually anticipates what we need help with ahead of time, is great with the kids, always cracking jokes, and just plain fun to have around. I'm hoping he'll decided to explore a bit more with us.
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  1. Hi Pablo, Tatja. Mia, Remy & Sterling
    We just got back from Thanksgiving festivities in
    Bowie, MD. Glad to see you're making good progress safely. We're very jealous!! Best to all, hope to hear from you soon.
    Pat & Bob