Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 5-Passage

You would think that we wouldn't have to worry about lobster pots hundreds of miles offshore. But no, we almost hit one about an hour ago. We've had no wind all day and thus have been motoring. There is a slight chance that we may divert to Bermuda due to weather. We'll make the decision in the morning once we have more information. Right now the ocean is eerily calm, like glass. The temperature keeps getting warmer. It was in the mid 80's all day. The water maker is working so we all got to take showers. Ypee! Sterling and I have been waiting with wasabi in hand hoping that he'll catch a fish. There have been plenty of bites and lost lures but no sushi on board. We've progressed 110 nm since yesterday.
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Lobster pot in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean


  1. Dear Family
    Hope that the inpasse passes soon and that good weather and smooth sailing are on the immediate horizon. We are in Mexico-Tepotzlan near Mexico City, sitting on the balcony overlooking avocado and orange trees. Good to be in Mexico!!!
    We saw Lena in Taos
    Lots of Love Mama, Nana, Lorna

  2. Hi
    Not sure if this is best way to communicate. Greetings and love to all. May the winds be favorable and may you be successful in your searh for sushi. We are in Tepoztlan, not too far from Mex city. Definitely Mexico - bouganvillas, colorful tropical birds, sabor autentica, and also olor de sewer autentico.