Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 116- Deltaville, VA

We, and about 50 other boats, are waiting for a good weather window for the passage.  We listen to weather sources on the single side band radio every couple of hours and search internet sites for the latest information.  Here are a few snapshots of what we are currently tracking.  As can be seen Tropical Storm Sean lies directly along our path (blue).

Other than watching the weather we are keeping busy with never ending boat projects.  Pablo has reached the bottom of his list, ie. his least favorite projects, like rebuilding the head (the toilet).  Pablo has Sterling working hard on splicing, re-embedding cleats and numerous other tasks.  I'm going nuts watching all the "passage" food getting eaten as we sit here and wait.  Its the idea more than anything, I can always run to the store to replenish before we leave.  A nicer distraction has been visiting with cruiser friends.

Remi supervising the head rebuild

Visiting Matty and Sapphire from sv Squander (we spent hurricane Irene with them in Maine)


  1. Hi eveyone
    We have been several people such as Subra and Scott McHardy (who is a sailing afficionado) who are wishing you well on your journey. Sterling's seond grade teacher from Taos Valley , Debbie is in Sonya's yoga class and sends her regards. Must be a bit antsy waiting for the green light to go. It's amazing zooming in on your marina and trying to guess which boat is yours
    Lots of snow here!
    Love lorna

  2. Hi
    We're really enjoying following your blog and feeling the excitement and antsiness of being ready to go. We checked your position - amazing resolution: could clearly see marina and boats. Are you at marina that is by Bucks View Road?. We could see several boats at slips that looked like they might be Borealis. Also, thought we saw Mia and Remi playing with some cats- just kidding. What slip are you at? We'll call you later today.

  3. Hi everyone, I think you do a great job on your blog. I would love to "steal" your description of what crossing the gulfstream entails. I don't think I've explained it well at all. People keep asking us if we're going to be back in Charleston anytime soon. Your photos are also beautiful. See you in Antigua? We hope to leave on Saturday. Elizabeth, Ed and Luna on s/v Skylark