Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 114- Deltaville, VA

We have prepped the boat, picked up Sterling and now just waiting for a good weather window to depart for the Caribbean.  We are getting a bit antsy but it has been is nice to have everything ready and now take a little time to relax.

We decided it was time for a fieldtrip and visited the Jamestown Settlement.  It was fitting on a couple of  levels.  Mia is studying it in her History course and the exhibits on the ships that brought the settlers to Jamestown made a nice comparison to our journey. 

 During our passage we will be checking in daily on a short wave radio Net known as Doo-Dah Net.  You can hear the audio of our daily check-ins here  (then the select Cruiseheimers' Net and  then select the DoDah Net by date).  Note that this is not the most riveting way to spend time.  It involves listening to a litany of boats checking in surrounded by a lot of static.

 sv Susan Constant at Jamestown settlement

The latest in amour fashion

Fall has arrived, time to head south!

Uncle Sterl teaching the kids "Caca de Vaca"

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  1. I think we will head out on Saturday the 12th. Looks like a good time to go. Let us know if you might do the same. I will be able to get e-mail via satellite and we can listen to the SSB if you tell us the channel.

    Lisa from Dilly Dally