Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 126- Bermuda

So... it isn't going to be easy to leave here.  Other cruisers that we've talked to seem to feel the same way.  Its warm, the water is beautiful, life is pretty good after being at sea for a bit.  It is going to take a little time to prepare mentally for another passage.  When we left Virginia it was cold and fairly miserable so we were very ready to go.  Luckily there are a few downsides to Bermuda which may get us going. Like how expensive things are;  a bag of corn chips is $7, cereal $9, a loaf of sandwich bread $6, diesel is close to $8/gallon.  We took a bus to Hamilton, the capital, today.  The roads are very narrow and windy and everyone drives on the wrong side of the road.  It is hard to remember to look in right direction when crossing the street.  Can't imagine driving here, walking is enough of a challenge. 

It looks like there will be a good weather window to leave on Sunday.  We'll see if we're ready...

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  1. Hi Tatja, Pablo, Mia & Remi (& Sterling too),
    We finally made it on to your blog. Glad to see you made safe landfall in Bermuda. It looks like you're having way too much fun! We'll now keep looking for your progress more frequently. Have a safe passage on the next leg of your adventure.
    Fair Winds,
    Bob & Pat (Chanticleer)