Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 125- Bermuda

We arrived in St. George's Harbor, Bermuda early this morning.  We made contact with Bermuda Radio at 1 am to let them know our intentions and they sequenced us in, very much like an air traffic controller.  Checking into Bermuda was very organized and friendly.  About 50 other Caribbean bound boats are here ducking out of the potentially nasty weather coming through tomorrow and Saturday.  We weren't expecting to stop here and didn't do any research ahead of time. The water is a beautiful turquoise and warm.   St. George is a very quaint small town with many colonial era buildings.  We are really looking forward to spending time at the beach tomorrow and exploring other parts of the island.  We are very pleasantly surprised by Bermuda.  I added some photos to the posts from the past week.


  1. Tatja: As I've been a "lurker" here from the beginning of your trip, I thought it was finally time to let you know that I really appreciate your blogging of the trip and I very much enjoy reading about your exploits every day. And I've been showing my kids your progress on the YOTREPS map. Good luck getting the rest of the way to the Caribbean! (This is Scott from MIT LL)

  2. Hi Tatja, Pablo, Sterling, Remi, Mia and any stray cats that may have snuck on board
    Great to hear you are safe and sound in Bermuda. Sounds like lots of fun and must feel good to have chance to stretch legs, enoy the beaches and explore. Thanks for posting the new pics - great to see all of you. Everyone looks great and wonderful to see Pablo and Sterling together. We are thinking of you and send our love from Tepoztlan, Mex.
    Imre - Papa