Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 5- Passage Bermuda to Caribbean

Happy Thanksgiving! Instead of Thanksgiving we are celebrating Sterling's birthday today. Good deal for me, since much less cooking is involved. The winds died overnight so we motored for 12 hours and now are motor sailing. We made about 135 nm over the last 24 hours. The water temp is 83 degrees and the air temp is over 90 degrees. Not too bad when we're outside but the inside of the boat gets stuffy. Since we're underway it is too risky to open hatches or ports so there isn't much air exchange. I had a good scare last night while I was on watch at 3am. It was pitch dark and I heard a thump and a lot of thrashing. I could smell a strong fishy odor so yelled "fish, fish!". Poor Sterling came running out all excited thinking he had finally caught something on his line. A 10" flying fish had landed about a foot from me. We're reaping the benefits of the water maker by being able to take MUCH appreciated showers today. A dolphin pod came and played around the boat again this morning. They are a lot of fun to watch. Sterling took some great video, will try to post it when we have wifi.
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Sterling's great shot of the dolphins

Watching the dolphins play

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  1. Hi everyone
    Looks like you are making great progress - 2-3 more days to landfall? We just made landfall in Oaxaca. Looks like about same latitude as Antigua. Happy and safe sailing.
    Imre-Papa, Lorna-Nana