Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 4- Passage Bermuda to Caribbean

We're still cruising along at 6.5 to 7 knots and made 168 nm in the last 24 hours. The waves are very slowly diminishing. We've had a very bumpy ride for the past four days due to confused 8 - 10 ft waves. We lost our boogie board as a big wave swept it off the deck. And a fiddle (the lip along the edge which keeps things from sliding off the edge) broke off one of the galley counters. I guess it was just getting too much use as we're all hanging on where ever we can. Pretty minor issues. The wind generator and solar panels are both getting a work out and are keeping our batteries charged. I've been using a pressure cooker almost everyday. I like how fast it cooks and even more appreciate the locking lid in these conditions. The girls are starting to come back to life after not feeling 100% for the first couple of days. Its funny they have no problem playing, doing projects (like making kites with Uncle Sterl) or watching movies but instantly feel sea sick when the school books come out...
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  1. Dear Folks
    Sounds like a roller coaster ride which is especially challenging especially when you have to do school work.
    You're making such good headway!
    Wishing Sterling a Happy Birthday!!!! And I imagine that a pressure cooked turkey could be interesting if you happen to have brought one along
    Lots of Love, Lorna

  2. Hi guys,

    Just caught up with your blog for the first time in a while. Glad to hear everything is going well so far - and jealous of the warm weather you're enjoying. Hope you'll get to the Caribbean soon. Happy sailing, stay safe!