Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 2- Passage Bermuda-Caribbean

We're cruising along at 7 knots, making great progress. We made about 160nm in the last 24 hours, our best yet. The winds have been 15-20 knots from the NW, the waves are 8-10 ft making it very bumpy. Sleeping has been more of a challenge under these conditions. We have to wedge ourselves in to minimize flying around. My leg muscles got a work out last night as I propped them up against a bulkhead to act as a shock absorber. It seems to be taking all of us a bit to get back into passage mode, probably due to the lumpy bumpy conditions. Sterling has not given up on fishing. He restocked on lures and 100 pound-test line in Bermuda. Other than the yellow snapper he caught while we were anchored, only seaweed has to been attracted to the line.
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  1. Hi Hopmans. Sorry about the bumpy ride but at least you have wind and are making good miles. Cruising is almost always a compromise. Tell Sterling we never caught anything all the way down from LI to the Bahamas and back - just seaweed like him. Hopefully his luck will change. Our best to all of you.
    Fair Winds,
    Pat & Bob