Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 9-Newburyport, MA

We spent the day picking up the last items we needed before heading to more remote anchorages.  I think every nook and cranny is filled with food.  I'm slowly starting to get a sense of how much fresh food to buy.  There is a fine balance between not being able to eat it all before it goes bad and amount of space in the fridge.

Pablo drove to East Boston to pick up our life raft that was being re-packed (for the past 3 months).  What an ordeal!  Even though it still isn't exactly how it was ordered, it fits and will work for now.  The Avon life raft came with the boat but was packed in a soft case that was stored in the lazarette.  It took up a lot of valuable space and was hard to deploy so we decided to have it repacked in a hard case that could be stored on deck.  Avon has pulled out of the US market and it became a nightmare to get the necessary parts.

We're planning to head out late afternoon for an overnight sail to the Boothbay area of Maine.

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