Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 13- Boothbay, ME

We decided to spend another day in the Boothbay area after Pablo's uncle, Nick, generously offered to give us a tour of the Sheepscot and Kennebeck rivers in his powerboat.  We were able to scope out prospective anchorages and peek at areas that would of taken us days to explore on Borealis.  It was topped off by a nice lunch at a waterfront restaurant in the Townsend Gut.  It is great to be in an area where the primary transport is by boat. 

In the afternoon we went to the fuel dock at Boothbay Region Boat Yard to top off with diesel and water before heading out.  As the fuel dock was full we had to squeeze into a slip next to the boat Liberty, an immaculate, over-cared for (we watched them wipe off the morning dew) luxury yacht.  Even after Pablo's amazing docking into a spot with a few feet between Borealis and Liberty the crew was on high alert when our dingy strayed within their zone of protection.  I was very happy to be done and away safely.  I'm not sure our comprehensive insurance policy would of been comprehensive enough to cover damage to Liberty.

We're anchored in Love Cove for tonight and plan to head northeast early tomorrow morning.

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