Saturday, July 16, 2011

On Track

OK, OK, I know I'm way overdue for a post.  We've been a little busy.  Amazingly we're on track for departure tomorrow.

Pablo has been busy with various boat projects,  I've been packing and repacking, shuffling cars to where they belong, taking stuff to storage, picking stuff up from storage... you get the idea.

We had a great couple of weeks with lots of visitors.  See here  for photos. Thank you to everyone who made the trek to Rhode Island. It meant a lot to us. 

We really enjoyed our stay at Brewer Cowessett Yacht Yard.  There is a great sense of community among the boaters and the yard is well run.  We made many new friends.

We're planning to leave Greenwich Bay tomorrow afternoon and spend the night in Dutch Harbor.  From there we'll get an early morning start for Hadley Harbor.  We're hoping the weekend crowd may have cleared out and left a little space for us.

Plan to set up Mia's blog soon.  Things will slow down soon and we'll have more time for blogs.

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  1. Hi Hopman's! Just now checked out your blog...I see you are leaving tomorrow! Have an amazing journey and I look forward to working with you throughout the school year...and of course reading about all the wonderful things that lie ahead...a BIG hug to Remy! ~ Lisa/Miss Wallat