Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 15- Tenants Harbor, ME

It was hard to leave Seal Cove this morning.  We spent the morning exploring and swimming before heading out.  The only other sailboat had already left, we had the entire cove to ourselves.  We were only sharing with the seals now. We had a beautiful sail along the coast in 10-15 knot winds.  Tenants Harbor is a bustling place compared to Seal Cove, but everything is relative, as we learned.    When I asked about an ATM, I was told "there used to be one in Port Clyde (about 1/2 hour by boat) but not anymore".  We found great fresh produce at the General Store and crab at Cods End.  The crab, at $1 each, were a great treat for dinner.  Pablo and Remi just met a cruising couple from Stow.  They live in Harvard Acres and retired from the laboratory that Pablo works at! What are the chances?

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