Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 4- Plymouth, MA

Had a little excitement getting to Plymouth, MA today.  We came through the Cape Cod Canal.  The weather was hot and hazy and the seas calm, for the most part.  As we motored through the Canal, a huge obnoxious power boat got really close to us and created a monster wake.  Unfortunately we had the salon hatch open which allowed the monster wake into the boat.  We're still wiping salt spray off everything inside.  Rookie mistake thinking that we could leave the hatch open just because it seemed calm. The major causality was my computer which was on the table directly below the open hatch.  Luckily I backed up recently so I don't think I lost much, other than MY computer.  We seem to have adjusted to one cell phone but I'm not sure we can live with one computer.  Made lemonade out of lemons and took a slip for the night to dry out the carpets, cushions, towels, books, cameras and computer (unsuccessfully).  Walked around Plymouth and saw the Mayflower II and the over-rated Plymouth Rock (even the plaque acknowledges that it probably has no true historical linkage).  But it still seems to draw crowds, not surprisingly most of them from Europe.  The margaritas improved the rest of the day.  As we sit in our slip about 200 yards from Plymouth Rock, a live outdoor concert is playing making for a perfect summer evening.

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  1. Moi,
    No se on vahinko etta tietokone hajosi.
    Remi I like your hat!