Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 14- Seal Cove, ME

We left Love Cove with grey skies and headed for Townsend Gut.  This is a short cut from the Sheepscot River to Boothbay Harbor.  Pablo was hopeful that the issues with swing bridge had been resolved but it seems not.  When we radioed the bridge operator he said they are opening under test conditions but couldn't tell us if it would be in minutes, hours or days.  We decided to go back around through Ebencook Harbor and out the Sheepscot River, the way we came in.  At the mouth of the river we were greeted by several dolphins as we started to head east along the coast.  We entered the Damariscotta River and a little later Seal Cove.  It seems Seal Cove is appropriately named as we've seen many seals.  The waters are clean but cold (low 60's)which did not deter the kids and Pablo from taking a swim (truth be told Pablo's was a quick in and out).  We are exploring the inlet and enjoying having plenty of swinging room at anchor and seeing more seals than people.  Kids getting along well, so parents are getting along well.  As a treat we are getting ready for our first "Movie Night" a Planet Earth DVD that a friend gave us for the trip (Thanks James!). Sorry about the poor quality pictures; seems we need to clean the lens...

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