Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 200- Sandy Island, Carriacou

We've found what we hoped this part of the trip would bring.  A small remote island with beautiful beaches and great snorkeling that is not over run with boats.  Carriacou is low key and a little more off the beaten path compared to the Grenadines (Union Island, Tobago Cays and Bequia).  Though the scenery is just as spectacular, the boat activity isn't as frenzied which makes the experience much more pleasant.  Carriacou is an island off the country of Grenada. It is very clean and people seem to have much pride for their island.  They are known for the building of beautiful, fast, wooden sailing sloops that are raced throughout the Caribbean.  The boats are built using very basic and simple tools; tape measure, framers square, chain saw and power plane.  They construct these 40+ ft boats on the beach and launch them by sliding them into the water.
The pelicans here like to fish where we snorkel.  They seem to appreciate the abundance of fish as much as we do.  It is very cool, though a little unnerving, to have a pelican dive into the water within a few feet and see them actually catch the fish under water.  Sandy Island has been a great place to spend three days, it ranks high among our favorite places on the trip so far.

Union Island fruit stand

Jamming with the mural

Union Island

Carriacou boat building in progress

Sandy Island

Sandy Island

Sandy Island
Sandy Island

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  1. It was really rough when we were there. Darn - I knew I would regret not stopping at Sandy!!
    Lisa SV Dilly Dally