Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 213 -St. George, Grenada

There is a lot to do in Grenada!  We spent a few days exploring the anchorages on the south side of the island (True Blue and Clark's Court) and since have been in a marina in the capital city harbor.  The last time we were in a marina with water, power, real showers and ability to step directly onto a dock was more than two months ago.  It has been a treat to be able to wash the boat with fresh water inside and out.  And it gave Pablo a chance to do maintenance (change the oil, tune the rigging, fix the leak in the dingy).  We've met more kids here than anywhere else in our travels.  It is great to see the kids communicate in various languages without much difficulty.  There are kids from Finland, France, Slovenia, South Africa, Italy, Germany to name a few places.

Grenada has a lot to offer to cruisers.  We really enjoyed the annual local sailboat regatta off Grand Anse beach.  One of the events included a Caribbean twist, beaching the boat, running ashore, drinking rum and then returning to the course.  Another favorite was the tour of Rivers Rum, the oldest rum distillery in Grenada.  Which supposedly produces some of the strongest rum in the Caribbean.  The machinery is simple water mill driven in use for several hundred years.  The output is so small that it is not even shipped to the other side of the island.  Being here for Grenada's Independence Day was another highlight.  Grenadians displayed their pride for their country by "dressing down" in red, green and gold, the colors of the flag.

We're saying good bye to our good friends on sv Arwen.  They are heading back up the island chain while we're heading to St. Croix.  By far the best thing about this trip has been the people we have met.  And a hard part is saying good bye.  We spent six weeks exploring with the crew of Arwen and couldn't of had better company.  Really hope our paths will cross again and bring more adventures together.

A cool bar/ grocery store/ local hangout in Woburn

Local regatta

School kids "dressed down" for Independence Day

Sugar cane processing at Rivers Rum

The goopy banana in the toes of the monkey was a little much for Pablo

The escape after he scored two bananas at once

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