Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 221 -Buck Island, St. Croix

After a couple of days of catching up on all kinds of goodies from the US, we're getting ready to move on. We had an amazing meal at Tavern 1844, run by a New England couple. Get this, they fly in Maine lobster, mussels and oysters and make incredible burgers with them. The infrastructure is much more developed here than other islands we've been to. There is no way something like that could be done reliably in most of the other islands we visited. Also, this is the first place we've seen fresh milk since leaving Virginia. We rented a car for a day and had quite an adventure. The custom is to drive on the left here, even though the steering wheel is on the left. Surprisingly Pablo only had a few "Oh Shit!" moments. We had a nice time driving around the island and found several nearly impassable roads. We spent today at Buck Island, an underwater national park 5 miles from Christiansted. The snorkeling was great and the beach beautiful. There were a few day trippers here earlier but now we have the anchorage to ourselves. Can't figure out why there are not more cruisers here.
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School of Blue Tang

Elkhorn coral in the background and brain coral in the foreground
Listed as scenic route Highway 78 on the map
Not sure which stimulus grant provided the pavement for the middle 5 miles

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  1. Love Highway 78! St Croix looks beautiful, we'll have to put it on the list for our trip back north. Have fun.
    Lynn s/v Celebration