Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

We spent a lovely New Year's Eve with the crew of sy Arwen, a German cruising family. We had a nice view of fireworks from Anse Mitan, a small resort town in Martinique that is described as on the decline, but we have not seen so many people or activity since the states. This is probably more of an indication on the type of places we have visited so far than anything else. After exploring Martinique for the last three days we find a funny mixture of very modern French society and Caribbean funk. For example, lots of new expensive looking European cars on primitive pot holed, narrow roads. So far the prices are not as inexpensive as Guadeloupe but we're hoping to provision in a bigger city and find less expensive markets. We've run into two English speaking locals and are having to rely on our less than stellar French speaking abilities. The wifi access has been minimal so will have to post pictures when it is available again.
After reflecting on 2011, we realize how much we've enjoyed our adventure so far. We've traveled about 3800 nautical miles, through 10 states, 7 countries and have connected with incredible people along the way. But ironically we are only about a 4 hour flight from Boston. Experiencing regular life in different cultures rather than as a tourist in a resort has been rewarding. Though, no doubt, there have been moments when we envy people, with their soft dry towels, taking unlimited showers at a whim and using unlimited power for gadgets. Having to function using the local services, which to us are often set up in a very foreign and baffling manner, has been both intriguing and challenging. Though we're not exactly sure what 2012 will bring our way we're looking forward to more adventures, time with family and enjoyable experiences.
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A squall on the way to Martinique

Fresh fish at the market

St. Pierre market

St. Pierre

St. Pierre

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  1. Hi Pablo, Tatja, Mia and Remi! Happy New Year--sounds like you're having a wonderful adventure. We are still here in Falmouth Harbour awaiting repairs; went to Shirley Heights last night and enjoyed that thoroughly. Ate dinner with Ty and Judith last week and will see them tomorrow for lunch. Lots of fun. Love your blog and photos, as always! Cheers, Elizabeth, Ed and Luna