Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 188- Brittania Bay, Mustique

We've spent the last week exploring Bequia and Mustique.  Both are part of the country St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  We were drawn to the Grenadines by descriptions of small isolated islands with beautiful crystal clear water.  Bequia was busier than we expected with many yachts and tourist shops.  It still surprises us how different the islands can be from one to another.   The feel of Bequia was very different from St. Lucia and certainly not like the French islands.   Bequia has many small local businesses, no big stores or franchises like St. Lucia.  Mustique, on the other hand, is a private island, and reminds me a little of a tropical Carmel, CA, with a small number of large villas. It is owned by a company that seems to control most of the businesses and the employees that are brought in to work here.  The movie Truman Show came to mind as we walked around.   The anchorages tend not to be as protected from swell so we're trying to get used to rolly conditions at anchor.  We celebrated Remi's 8th birthday.  The cake was successful though it almost over flowed the shallow pan a few times before I got it into the gimballed oven.  Julia from, sv Arwen, introduced the girls to a great German party game, involving rolling dice, getting dressed in hat, scarf and mittens, while trying to unwrap a chocolate bar that has many layers of paper on it.  Pablo found a bar that was willing to turn on the Steelers-Broncos game last week and now has also found a spot to try to watch the Patriots play tonight.  American football is unheard of down here and kind of a curiosity when on.  Locals are friendly and want to know what it is all about.

The birthday girl
Trying to get a the chocolate!

The view from Lisa's, our favorite hang out in Mustique


  1. Happy Birthday Remi!!! from Sterling
    Feliz Cumpliaños Desde Xiomara Y Sebastian. We hope that you had a super birthday.

  2. Greetings from Stow! The temperature here hit single digits so your photos are looking particularly attractive. Happy trails!

    Rob Steele

  3. Happy Birthday Remi!!!

    It is in the single digits here today....we would rather be with you!

    Hope you got to go swimming on your birthday!
    Gail & Dave Allen....Mason too!

  4. Hi from Lake Atitlan Guatemala. Remi does look a year older!!!Sounds like you had a rollicking (rolly boat) birthday party, REMI!!!
    Nana Lorna