Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 194- Clifton, Union Island

The last week has been spent snorkeling, snorkeling and then snorkeling some more.  The Tobago Cays and Mayreau are amazing islands and would of been even more spectacular had there been about a hundred or so fewer boats.  Although a large number of boats in a small area provided entertaining 'harbor theater'.  We were exposed to a variety of new and intriguing anchoring techniques.  We're also sharing our experience with a few mega super yachts like Eclipse, currently the biggest private yacht at over 500ft, and Rising Sun, just below 500ft but in the top ten of largest.  Eclipse had a fancy helicopter on one of the landing pads and reported amenities are a submarine and missile defense system.
Even though the windy conditions caused less than ideal water visibility, snorkeling was a blast.  We saw many turtles.  Pablo even had one come right up to his face to check him out.  Pablo is always happy in windy conditions as the wind generator is keeping the batteries topped off and the water maker making plenty of water.
We met up with the crew of sv Dilly Dally, sv Gaiamar and sv Arwen for a lobster BBQ on the beach.  Much fun was had by all especially the pack of kids running around.
We arrived in Union Island this morning to the first fairly reliable (my expectations are very low at this point) internet access in about a week.  Union looks interesting, so looking forward to exploring the local scene here.

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