Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 178- Le Marin, Martinique

The free wifi access has been very limited in Martinique. I kept assuming that good wifi was around the corner and I would post a blog with photos but have given up on that. We explored 5 different towns/anchorages in Martinique. St. Pierre had a wonderful fruit and vegetable market where we got avocados, pineapples, carrots, papaya, mangoes and what we thought were potatoes. When I cut into them they were rock hard, and basically just cracked. I boiled them like a potato and they remained rock hard. When I have internet access will have to research what they are and how to cook them. They look just like small new potatoes, if anyone knows what they are let me know, so that I can use them before they go bad. Grande Anse D'Arlet was my favorite anchorage. We spent two days swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear water and playing on a beautiful beach. Le Marin, a major yachting city, was a great place to provision for food and boat supplies. It may be the most modern place we see for the next month. Leader Price, a big supermarket, even had its own dingy dock! We're underway to St. Lucia and it is getting a little too rolly for writing. Really hoping we'll have better internet access in the next few days.
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Grande Anse D'Arlet

Flowering banana trees in a yard

Beach restaurants in Grande Anse D'Arlet

The anchorage in Grande Anse D'Arlet

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