Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 181- Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Initially we were going to by pass St. Lucia and go directly to the Grenadines but are once again unexpectedly glad we stopped.  In fact, we've decided to stay a few extra days.  There are a lot of cruisers here so we've had a chance to catch up with old and new friends.  This is the first place we've been to with such a high concentration of cruisers.  There even is a local cruisers radio net every morning where people make connections, sell items and plan events.  Very entertaining and interesting.
Rodney Bay is a bit of a zoo, which is fun in limited doses.  We are anchored in front of a Sandals resort and watch the people attempt a wide variety of water sports all around our boat.  There are water skiers, windsurfers, paddle boarders, para sailors, hobie cats, jet skis and paddle boats.  The entertainment value is high.  Many American franchises seem to be represented at the mall and the grocery store is just like Shaws at home except for $9 bags of corn chips.  We found the bustling local fruit market in Castries, the capital city, more to our liking.
Below are a few rainbow photos.  We've seen a lot of these as it rains often.  The rain is nice in some ways, it rinses salt off us and the boat but also requires us to close up the boat in a mad rush regularly.

Low rainbow in Martinique

St. Pierre rainbow

Rodney Bay rainbow
Remi got her horse back riding fix; the horses here like bananas instead of apples and carrots.

And Mia even got a turn to ride when the horses went for a swim

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