Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Best holiday wishes to all our friends back home and new friends who we've been lucky enough to meet during our journey.


  1. Merry Christmas Remi and family! Did Santa come to your boat? It was fun seeing you on the computer at school! What a nice surprise! Miss you! - Graham S.

  2. Hi Hopmans

    Missed you for Christmas Eve. No goose this year but a big turkey and all the fixins with apple/cranberry pie and the best Blackberry pie I ever made.

    On to New Years Eve and FIRST NIGHT
    Things are frozen now and I haven't found any sea glass lately.

    Spirit is very very thin and has trouble walking but still wags her tail and Michael is very patient with her.

    I have been busy doing a bunch of things, writing, printing photos and working with some new friends at MIT.

    I love your story MIA! and all the photos Tatja

    I have a new tenant arriving Jan 1st and she is Finnish and an serious competitive swimmer. I hope you get a chance to meet her.

    love and hugs


    Sure wish a i could join you on the beach somewhere and snorkling eating fresh fruit and fish yummy!

  3. Oooh nearly forgot

    I went out to dinner with friends this week, My Tai Chi friends husband Jim is a serious sailor and just got back from doing the same passage you guys did in November. I forgot to ask him the name of the boat he crewed on.
    But he ordered a bottle of wine
    named Borealis-I was totally amazed!

    love Julie