Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 156- Jolly Harbour, Antigua

After Nonsuch Bay we spent a night in Falmouth Harbour.  Falmouth had just finished hosting the a gathering of some of the worlds largest charter mega yachts.  We have never seen boats like this.  The biggest boats we saw on the East Coast looked small compared to those here.  And the toys.... a whole dive room with 30+ tanks and compressors on the stern, a sailboat with a 'haul in chair', usually seen on sport fishing motor boats, a hydrolaulic arm that lifts an anchor out of a deck locker and I'm sure much more that we couldn't even imagine.
Nelsons Dockyard, a historic Georgian dockyard, in nearby English Harbour was more our speed.  Beautiful stone buildings in a lovely protected harbor.
We were getting so low on provisions that I resorted to baking bread.  Remember it is 90 degrees here.  The first loaf of boat bread seemed to get approval all around.  We're back in Jolly Harbor to stock up on food, pick up a new propeller for the outboard and check out with Customs.  The French territory of Guadeloupe is our next destination.


Sailboat or sport fishing boat?

Nelsons Dockyard

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