Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 144- Long Island, Antigua

We're anchored off an upscale resort called Jumby Bay.  Out of curiosity I looked up the resort online.  The villas in front of us start at $3500/night.  For that I would expect much more consistent wifi for us to pirate!  There are no guests (maybe they heard about the crappy wifi..), we noticed the same thing at the hotel that was close to our last anchorage.  Don't know if the tourist season hasn't started yet or if the economy is having an effect here.  We've really enjoyed snorkeling and swimming off the boat.  If you zoom way in on our position report you'll see that we're surrounded by reefs.  We've been exploring them.  The visibility is better here than our last anchorage so we've been able to see star fish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, colorful fish, rays, and turtles.  Sterling is on his way home.  We were very lucky to have him for a whole month.  I'm hoping his easy going attitude and sense of humor stays with us for the rest of our trip.
One of the villas near us

The girls LOVE playing on the beach

An amazing shell beach

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