Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 150- Barbuda

We spent the past two days playing on the lovely 10+ mile long white beaches of Barbuda. Barbuda and Antigua gained semi independence from the UK, in the 80's, and share a government. Barbuda is very different from Antigua geographically. It is not volcanic as many of the other islands in this area, so the elevation of the entire island is very low. In fact we sailed past it on our way to Antigua from Bermuda. We were slightly concerned that we didn't pick it up on radar or see any lights as a verification of our position. We later learned that you have to be very close to make visual contact and it has almost no radar profile. The beach that we were anchored off, is exactly what I've always pictured the Caribbean to look like. Endless white sand beach, turquoise water and palm trees. We had the beach to ourselves most of the time and the kids spent hours getting pummeled in the waves. Local fishermen came by with a variety of fish and lobster that they had just caught on the reef. We bought some spiny lobster to compare to those in New England. With the crew of Skylark we came to the conclusion that we either over cooked them or the meat is a little tougher than their clawed counterparts up north.
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Different but a treat none the less

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