Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 340- Newport, RI

Newport, where we've been for the past few days, is a sailing mecca.  We've been here many times before but never on our own boat.  The level of activity, even in crappy weather, is astonishing.  There are small boat races daily, preparations for the America's Cup series to be held here next week, the Newport-Bermuda race is scheduled to leave tomorrow and a parade of tall ships will be here in early July.  Our heads are spinning from the amount of activity around us.  When it gets overwhelming on land, we retreat to the boat anchored at the entrance to the harbor and watch the endless activity on the water.  It has been gray, rainy and in the low 60's since we've been here.  It feels miserable to us after months of warm, sunny weather.  But does not seem to faze the true New Englanders around us, who paddle, sail, row, motor happily through the foggy drizzle.  I think we may have some adjustment ahead of us...
We're starting to deal with the realities of incorporating ourselves back into a land based life.  We plan to take a break from cruising next week and try to secure housing for the fall.  If all goes well, we hope to spend a little more time exploring on the boat before starting school and work in a few months.

Foggy Newport harbor
Cool museum in Newport

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