Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 331- Deltaville, VA

Borealis was hauled four days ago and Pablo has been working on projects almost non stop since.  He has replaced a few thru hull fittings, re applied bottom paint and over hauled the head.  The yard did a fantastic job polishing the topsides.  Borealis is looking pretty spiffy and not showing the 6000+ nm we've traveled.  The girls have enjoyed playing on land for hours and hours with friends from sv Gadjo Dilo and sv Puff.  It feels good to be back in the water after way too many trips up and down the wobbly ladder and numerous trips to the local West Marine to pick up parts.  And it was odd to be on the boat on the hard... and not feel the movement of the water.  We did feel some shaking when a series of tornado producing thunderstorms passed over.

Yes, that is the head in the cockpit, it was on deck for a few days and now back where it belongs!
It turns out nail polish application is more successful when not on a boat

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  1. Are you planning to keep her or is the overhaul getting her ready for sale? Welcome back to the states, btw.