Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 337- Block Island, RI

After a mellow 3 day passage up the coast from Virginia we're enjoying Block Island.  With only 5-10 knots of wind, we motor sailed about a third of the way.  The moonlit nights made night watches more enjoyable.  We saw a lot of traffic off the New York City Harbor entrance even though we were about 100 nm off the coast.  The most challenging part was dodging fishing and research boats that had gear deployed in the water.  It wasn't always clear where exactly the gear was, especially at night.
Block Island has a New England feel.  Not sure how much of that could be attributed to the cool weather,  which doesn't feel so good right now.  Hot water for showers has become much more valuable than it has been for months and we've had to put fleece jackets and down comforters to use.  Other than the "cold weather" it feels nice to be back in home waters.  Looking forward to catching up with friends and family.

The biggest fish caught on this passage, a sea bass we think

Another nice sunrise on passage

Getting caught up on school work

New Harbor, Block Island

One of the old grand hotels on Block Island

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