Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 310- Marsh Harbour, Abacos to Charleston, SC

We only spent a couple of days in the Abacos before heading off on a passage back to the States. Pablo didn't like the look of upcoming unsettled weather so we decided to leave rather than risk having to wait longer than we wanted for the next opportunity. Our current destination is Charleston, SC but that may change depending on weather. It seems like a good place to wait for favorable winds to head further north. Leaving the Bahamas is definitely bittersweet for all of us. It feels likes the fun part of the journey is behind us. The girls are excited about returning home but said they'd rather keep cruising (preferably in warm, clear waters).

After being in the Exumas for weeks, the Abacos seemed very populated. Marsh Harbour, though a little shallow for us at low tide, was a good place to provision, get fuel (in jugs since the depths at the fuel dock were questionable), and fill propane tanks. Wish we could of spent a little more time exploring the beautiful cays and numerous reefs, but also looking forward to returning to the US.

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The Mahi Mahi we had for lunch and dinner

Cruising at 12 knots thanks to help from the Gulf Stream

A visitor who slept in the salon overnight

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