Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 304- Allen's Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

The weather has improved (no rain and air temps are back in the high 80's) so we've been busy spending A LOT of time in the water. With the turn in the weather the Bahamas is looking considerably better and we are glad we made the effort to spend some time here. The water clarity and colors continue to amaze us, although it will be nice to eventually get out of the very shallow waters. We enjoy the many uninhabited smaller Cays. The towns (called settlements locally) are small with minimal services, which are available sometimes. Gas stations are regularly out of fuel, grocery stores have few supplies, and when wifi is available for a fee, it isn't operational. We are really glad we have a watermaker, as getting drinking water can be a real hassle and expensive.

We enjoyed snorkeling the Thunderball Grotto, an under water cave with many colorful fish, in Staniel Cay. The swimming pigs, off Big Majors Spot, were a hit with the kids. The pigs act like dogs. They lie around on the beach until a boat comes along and then put on a good show begging for snacks. The Exuma Land and Sea Park at Warderick Wells was a highlight, with many scenic trails, lots of small isolated beaches, and incredible variations in the color of the water. The kids are in a groove snorkeling among rays, and fairly big nurse sharks without any consideration for them as they hunt for cool shells, urchins and sand dollars. Allen's Cay will be our last stopping point in the Exumas, as we plan to head North tomorrow to spend some time exploring the Abacos before crossing back to the States. We are definitely feeling the influence of States more and more. Being only 200 miles from Florida, we can pick up radio stations and hear the US Coast Guard on the VHF. We are also seeing more mega motor yachts; last night we were anchored next to an 80 ft yacht named "Hooter Patrol IV". American capitalism at its best.

Will post photos when we have wifi access again. It may be another week, or more. I also noticed that some of the videos posted to previous posts have stopped working, will try to re-post those also.

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The under water entrance to Thunderball Grotto

Our friends from sv Alexina checking out the swimming pigs

Borealis in Warderick Wells

Hiking in the Exuma Land and Sea Park

Pablo and Remi checking out sea life from the dingy as it floats in the current

A blowhole!

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