Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 312- Bald Head Island, NC

We're back in the States!!  Leaving the Abacos sooner rather than later worked out well for us.  We avoided waiting for another weather window and or hopping up the Florida coast.  The down side was lack of wind.  We motored most of the time.  We were aiming for Beaufort, NC but decided on Charleston, SC after seeing nasty weather moving down the East Coast. We made such good time once we hit the Gulf Stream (northerly current 2 to 4 knots) that we were moving at 10-12 knots and would of arrived in Charleston in the dark.  We decided to go a little further north to the Cape Fear area.  After calling 5 different numbers for Immigration and Customs we were cleared back into the States, AND without an inspection.  Good all around.  I was a little concerned that some of our fresh produce could be confiscated if we were boarded.  Of course we had way more that usually since I had just stocked up in Marsh Harbor thinking that we wouldn't be in the States for another 2 weeks.  Turned out the kids really didn't need to eat that whole bag of carrots, celery and 5 apples for breakfast...

We seem to have access to decent wifi and our cell phone (with data plan) is now turned on again so I plan to update the blog after a little sleep.

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