Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 95-Reedville,VA

After patiently waiting for the tide to come up we left Tangier without incident.  We had a beautiful late afternoon sail across the Chesapeake to Reedville.   Cockrell Creek, the entrance to Reedville, is the home of the menhaden fishing fleet and processing plant.  I read that menhaden are used for fish oil, meal and fertilizer which is made into animal feed, paint and cosmetics.  The smell is staggering.  I wasn’t sure we could stay.  Luckily we found a beautiful anchorage a little upwind of it. 
We’ve come across several uncharted obstacles as we’ve sailed in the Chesapeake.  They are a bunch (hundreds) of sticks protruding in 30-40 feet of water, about ½-1 mile off a shore.  See photo below.  It must have something to do with the fishing industry.  Luckily we’ve spotted them and changed course but in low light or at night they could be a hazard.  Don’t understand why they are not on charts.
We plan to move further up the Great Wicomico River this afternoon to visit fellow cruisers we met in Maine.
Life in Tangier

Another Tangier scene

A beautiful beach on Tangier

Beach fort building, ie Industrial Arts class

Reedville fish processing plant, smell it in MA?
Hazards in water

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