Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 92-Solomons, MD

The Solomons area has been a wonderful place to explore.  The Calvert Marine Museum, of local paleontology, marine science and maritime history, was a fantastic find.  The staff was surprisingly knowledgeable and engaged the kids (and adults) for hours.  The hands on exhibits were very well done.    We spent a lot of time learning about the life cycle of skates and manta rays, the numerous fossils found in the Calvert Cliffs, and funny fish that like to squeeze in and hide in oyster shells.  “The Calvert Cliffs are known around the world for preserving prehistoric seashells, sharks teeth, and fossilized remains of dolphins and whales”.  Trust me, it really was fascinating, well done and an unexpected experience given we just visited the Smithsonian museums less than a week ago.

We spent time visiting with cruisers we’ve met throughout our trip and met a few new ones.   Really enjoying meeting new people and learning about their experiences.  The girls tried their hand at crabbing.  The line method seemed to work better than our trap.  We didn’t catch enough for even an appetizer but learned a lot in the process.  It seems Chesapeake crabs have better eye sight and are more aggressive than those we caught in Maine.  We plan keep trying until we perfect our technique.  Tomorrow morning we'll head further south.  Not sure what our destination is yet, will decide along the way.
Monkeying around

Mia taking the helm

Playing with other cruisers

Pt. Drum lighthouse

Skates and manta rays
Succesful crabbing

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