Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 105- Deltaville, VA

We really enjoy hearing from everyone so don't forget to write once in a while.  I think I've fixed the problem with comments, let me know if otherwise. Even Pat the Cat can leave comments now!  After hearing about first snow back home, we are appreciating the weather here on the Chesapeake.  The days are gorgeous, 60-70's F but the nights are starting to cool down.  We have been turning the heat on in the morning to help with the chill.  The boat warms up fast, as usually we are peeling off layers within half an hour. 

We spent two nights in beautiful Tipers Creek up the Great Wicomico River on the Western shore of the Chespaeake.  We wouldn't of known to explore Tipers Creek had we not met now great friends, on sv Chanticleer in Maine. They generously shared their dock on a beautiful secluded creek, their house and time with us.  I'm guessing the Chesapeake has many secret gems like this. The chart for Tipers reads fairly shallow and we wouldn't of considered it (even with our new philosophy of "no worries, we still have a couple of inches of water under us") but with local knowledge had no issues.
Ironically on the way out, after navigating past the tricky inlet to Tipers Creek, Pablo was admiring the beautiful scenery and sunrise a little too much, cut a corner and we bumped the bottom where the charts very clearly predicted we would!

We have now settled into Deltaville, a small town with many marine services (not much else though), to get our last boat projects done before leaving the US.  Pablo has been installing a water maker (desalinator) for the past week.  This will allow us to spend more time in secluded areas, not to have to pay for water, nor worry about quality of water.  It will allow us more showers, which is especially nice after swimming in salt water.  Pablo is also finalizing our liferaft and solar panel install. 

Deltaville Marina is a great place for us to hang out.  The pool and swings are popular with the kids.  The facilities are clean and well cared for.  Everyone here is a cruiser with an interesting story.  Many Europeans and Canadians; most are preparing for a passage, like us. 

Pablo's brother Sterling arrives on Nov 5th.  He will come along for the passage to the Caribbean. Pablo has started studying the weather and we plan to leave during for first good weather window after the 5th.  Will fill in the details regarding the passage once it is a little closer.

Entrance to Tipers Creek

Tipers Creek

Pablo's makeshift workbench

Cool frog at the pool

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